The following was written for a university senior project class in 2011.

Drawing from the hypocritical indoctrination I faced growing up in Saudi Arabia as well as the superficial, capitalistic qualities I observed after moving to Dubai, I built an interactive installation that explores the topics of authority, hypocrisy, and value.

The installation was set up for a few days at the American University in Dubai. A sign invited people to enter the installation space one at a time and take a seat facing a camera to receive a free portrait. As the door slowly closed behind them, the lights were automatically turned off leaving the visitor in complete darkness. After a short moment of silence, they were startled by a loud bang and the camera finally captured their reaction.

The results, which are displayed on the left, were printed and exhibited in the AUD senior exhibition. On the opening night, all participants were invited to take their free portraits off the wall. The entire process, including the exhibition opening, was documented using time-lapse video.